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At Momentum Sports Performance, we customize a program that thoughtfully considers your current athletic level, fitness, and overall wellness and tailor it to match your athletic, fitness, and health goals. No matter your current skill level, we will give you the skills needed to elevate your athletic performance & self image.

We offer programs that include nutrition, weight loss, weight gain, sports psychology, strength, speed, conditioning, flexibility, and injury recovery.

Football Performance Training

Our football program is uniquely designed to help our football athletes perform at the highest level in speed, agility, power, endurance, and position specific skills.

Basketball Performance Training

Our basketball program is uniquely designed to help our basketball athletes perform at the highest level in shooting, rebounding, defense, and more.

Baseball Performance Training

Our baseball training program is uniquely designed to improve batting, hitting, fielding, and throwing.

Momentum Rehab & Therapy

Momentum offers wellness, nutrition, and chiropractic care to help treat, reduce, or prevent injuries. We know that a wholistic approach is the best approach to achieving optimal performance so we work with our clients to design a total program that will help them reach their desired outcome.

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